Recommendations for a life of healthy habits in carriers

The most important thing to carry it out is to set realistic goals and objectives, adapted to the personal rhythm.

  • Hydrate well.

Our body needs 2 liters of water daily so it is important that you never miss in your cabin a bottle of at least 1.5 liters of water and complete that 0.5 liters that our body asks us with healthy and fresh food.

If drinking so much water is boring or complicated there is always the possibility of drinking a processed soft drink at home to be able to be with organic ingredients or infusions to your liking.

  • Monitor weight.

Overweight is related to a large number of diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. That is why it is important to control what our muscle mass and body fat is. Knowing how much we are at our ideal weight will help us set our goals and the pace you must take to reach them.

  • Improve nutrition.

Transporters usually make most of their meals away from home and due to the limited time they have to feed it is very common to opt for something easy and quick to eat. And this usually has a great impact on health.

Therefore, you should try to avoid the processed food sold by some roadside restaurants since the quality of its ingredients is very low. In addition, it is advisable not to eat a lot of fatty food since it is usually difficult to digest, which is very uncomfortable when it comes to having to continue driving in the hours after the meal.

You should increase the consumption of fresh foods as it will maintain all its nutrients and have a very varied diet.

It is also important to replace the consumption of sweets with fruits since their sugars are natural and also provide water, energy and other very good properties to our body.

  • Do physical exercise.

Sport is not usually present in the habit of carriers, this is mostly due to the scarcity of available time. But it is possible to do exercises such as hiking or walking while taking breaks or truck inspections.

  • Rest the right time.

Lack of sleep is one of the most important factors when driving. Hence the utmost importance of sleeping at least 7 or 8 hours at the most regular times possible and in the quietest places possible.

  • Relax and stretch your legs.

The life of a truck driver can cause a lot of stress due to the short delivery times. Everyone must find the most effective way to “de-stress” each day and keep the mind occupied with positive things.

Getting out of the truck several times a day will lead you to such relaxation in addition to making you stretch, things just as important as physical exercise. Many hours sitting in the cabin can become dangerous for muscles and joints.

Can truck drivers improve their health, habits and make it compatible with their workday? What to do to carry healthy habits in the day to day of the carriers.

Overweight, diabetes, hypertension and fatigue are some of the problems derived from the sedentary lifestyle that comes with the life of a transporter and his tireless and countless hours at the wheel to meet the delivery times.

Nor do things like dehydration, lack of exercise, reduced work space, tobacco and diesel gases that are usually linked to this profession and that decrease well-being help.

Having healthy habits as a transporter is not easy, but with small changes to be carried out little by little we can get great benefits to achieve in the long term improve our quality of life at work and outside it.